Help…? Not help…

sOuLs… WaNt SoUls…


And that confirms that creeping feeling within him. This Tails doll is obviously malevolent.

It’s a very good thing that Miles is well-practiced in maintaining his cool, even if he’s flipping out on the inside.

But others need those souls… Isn’t it a little selfish to demand them just to satiate your hunger?

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{The doll seemed happy- or at least as happy as it was able to express. It’s face was always very mild, rarely straying from it’s typical expression}

Į̡’́́m̨͟ g͠la͢͠d͜ y̡o͢u’͡re͟ ̢̛h̢̀͟e̷̴re̛͏!.̢ ̸̀͜Wh͞aţ͘ ̡̢h̢àv̷̨̕e ̕͟͞ý̕͘ơ̸҉u̴͡ ͠b͜͠ée͞͞n̵ ̕ù̸p͟͏ ̕ţo̕͞͝?̸̛͜ ̴Up͢͟͡ ̧̛t͜o?͟

Oh, ah… I’ve been mostly hiding away, hiding away.

Have you ever needed to just… hide away from everyone…?

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I͏’͝v̧͡ę҉́ ̵̛b͟e͟e̡̡n ́o̧͠k̡͜a̴̧y̷..̴.̢ ͠a̵͏ ̧b͘i̶͘͠t̨̧ ̕lo҉̢͝n҉el͏͜y.҉̸̡.. ̀ ̴̵b̨ưt̵̨ ͘y̶o̧u͜’͏͘r̵̡e ͘͝h̶e̷ŕ̸e͢ ̶͘͡n̢̛o͟͡w̧͜, y̛o͏̧u’̧r̢e̸ h́̀ę҉̴r҉e͝ ̡n̵͏o͜w͡͏!

Oohhh… I’m so sorry for having not been around more!

Miles is the runaway type, and he’s well aware of it. Too aware of it. He wishes he wasn’t. It’s something that he needs to work on; if he wants to save his world, he’s going to have to stick around more. He can at least do that for Stitches, who has never hurt him. The doll’s simplicity has always drawn the fox to him, anyway.

Yes, I am, I am!

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?eNiHsNuS eHt LeEf UoY nAc

There’s something suspicious about this particular doll. Stitches is fine. There’s a creeping feeling going up Miles’s spine at this one…

May I help you…?

He’s a naturally suspicious one, but something about the way this Tails doll is speaking is amping that suspicion up to eleven.

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!̵ ̷͘
M̛̀͏ilę̸s͝!̡ ͘H̶͜e͜͠l͡l̕o͞҉,͟͡ ̶҉M͜͞i͠͠l̷͢͝e͏̵̢s!̶͏͜ ҉̨H҉o̡҉ẁ̕̕ a̴re̴̡ ̛y̴où̶?̀ ͞H͞ớ̴w̢҉ ́́͡áŗe̵̷҉ ͞ý͡o͠u̴͢?̢

I’m fine, I’m fine!

It’s been a while since he’s been around. Hiding away is one thing that Miles is good at, but he’ll always make himself available for Stitches.

Have you been okay, Stitches?

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T: well, who do you turn to when you’re feeling down? who do you have to eat ice cream with you and just hang out with and have a good time around without feeling bad, while still being able to go to him when you feel like the world is crashing down on you and—

(The thoughts rushing through his head from the words on the screen begin to effect him emotionally. He holds his head.)

T: —i’m sorry, i think i need a minute…

Miles’s ear flicks. He’s never had anyone like that. Rose and Knuckles have been SORT OF that, but they’ve been so busy. He supposes he’s gotten used to being alone. He doesn’t know if the other Miles has, and that might explain their differing opinions on the matter.

… No, they’re not entirely different. Miles wants a friend, too. But he can’t trust anyone, no, he can’t.

There’s no doubt in the little fox’s mind that the other is referring to ‘Sonic.’ That would mean that the stories are adding up, aren’t they? All the stories, the ones he’d been reluctant to believe. Ice cream. Hanging out. He’s had hot chocolate before, from Rose, but that was years ago, and she had been busy even then. Still being able to go to someone when his world is…

He furrows his brows in genuine confusion.

no its okay
though i always feel like the world is crashing down on me
i dont know how one individual is going to make a difference with that
its like hoping for a miracle
and everyone knows that miracles dont exist

The dismissal is so pessimistic, and Miles doesn’t even realize it until he reads his own words on the screen. His ears lower. Has he really been thinking this his entire life?

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Well, if it isn’t another Foxboy.

You look young…how old are you?

Foxboy. The way the nickname is said — it sounds just like Eggman. Why would a Sonic pick up a nickname that Eggman has used? Aren’t they enemies, or is it all a trick? Is it all a trick?

His ears flatten submissively as he gazes up into those glowing red eyes. Those are strange; he’s never seen an organism’s gaze look so… metallic. He swallows nervously, fidgeting. He doesn’t want to be hit over nothing. This one seems like the type to dole out such punishments, however, and that makes it all the worse. Maybe this is the true nature of Sonic the Hedgehog? He doesn’t know. All he can do is rely on his instincts.


He keeps his answer terse. He doesn’t want to get into a lengthy discussion. In fact, anything that would elongate his time with the hedgehog is bad.

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 Scratch: Oh… Well…. look at us unprepared… Um… I guess you an just go get him out then…

Grounder: Whoops! *chuckles awkwardly*

*Then a random monitor appeared!*

Scratch, Grounder. You two are idiots.

 Grounder: No no! Dr. Robotnik! We actually do have a plan, we’re just pretending we dont!

Scratch: Aghhh! Grounder!

Miles watches them argue with mild amusement. Is this what Sonic has to deal with on a daily basis? His Robotnik isn’t like that. His Robotnik is strictly business, doesn’t speak to his creations, just cuts them down if they misbehave. He wiggles a little in the cage, managing a more comfortable position. His ears are tilted to the blue hedgehog; it’s his response that he most wants to gauge. He’s not going to say anything, not yet. Just observe. 

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T: that sounds… terribly lonely
T: but if it’s the way you live your life, then i guess i can’t stop you
T: … but i still feel bad…


It seriously interests him, thinking of how another him would feel bad for his situation. 

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